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Time to leave Cowes...

It is time for Peter to leave Cowes. He has spent almost 4 weeks in East Cowes marina with plenty of things to do. Fixing the mast problems, installing the Iridium Go Satellite communications system, visiting his mum a few times a week, family to stay over, ordering new fenders and preparing for this upcoming trip. All this without me...

What he also did without me, was cleaning the speed meter. When the boat is not moving for a couple of weeks the first barnacles, algae and other stuff like to cling to your boat. As the speed meter is at the bottom of the boat it also got affected. To clean it Peter had to take out this instrument...take out means take out, as in leaving a hole in the bottom of the boat which had to be blocked quickly with a special stopper. Scary thought, especially when you have never done this before. Don't want to sink your boat :) But after having watched some of these "how to" you tube videos ( , Peter found the courage to "open up" the boat, cleaned the speed meter and put it back again. YEAH!!

Now he is ready to head off to France and beyond - should the weather allow. Expected departure is Monday 19th October, either on the first or second high tide - yet to be decided. Jonathan (our brother in law) and Stuart (who was with us last month from Amsterdam to Cherbourg) will be with Peter. I still have to see my surgeon for a last check-up on Thursday, and on Friday I am hoping to be in Brest with Peter and the Ocean Deva.

Before I forget, the installation of the Satellite system means that we finally have our own real-time tracking page. This one replaces the previous one. As we haven't use it yet, we are both very curious if and how it works. The "red dot" is still in the marina of Cowes, so let's see if you can follow us life "on the water". Go to the page "where are we now"!

Hope to see you all soon!

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