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July 2020


Our immediate plans are to get back on the boat on the 10th July, 10 months since we were living on her. We will check out the works that needed to be done and then start the equipping with the safety gear that gives us the peace of mind for us and for the visitors that we will have. 


24th July 2020

This is the planned date for our next mini voyage where we will sail with Johan as our trainer and backup. Everything onboard will be fully functional and we are looking forwards to fair winds to take us from Medemblik, The Netherlands to Mandal in Southern Norway. The trip will include 2 nights and will be 350 nautical miles. After an overnight in Mandal, we will sail up to Kristiansand, re-provision and then head back to Medemblik.


The Admiralty map mentions “Dangerous Waves” on our approach to Southern Norway. We informed that this fine summer trip will avoid such occurrences, but we are ready to change our plans if necessary.


All in all, we plan about 750 nm and 7 days of sailing. It will be a great test of our ability to plan, cook, keep watch, learn lots of new things and have a great time. 


We will also have the recently honoured (by the mayor of Amsterdam) Jolanda Stockey as a crew member to join us (Ingrid’s sister). Her official Cruise to Southern Norway was cancelled, so we thought to step in with an offer for a working holiday and our need for a cook, maid, coffee maker and deck scrubber. 


The detailed passage plans and pilot plans to enter and leave the unfamiliar harbours are all well planned, thanks to our Yachtmaster Training by Navathome – we had to do something useful during our lockdown period.


Now is our chance to put our training into action.

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