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Norway... here we come! - part 1

The next set of baby steps on our Ocean Deva.

Last year we had our first baby sailing steps when sailing from Medemblik in The Netherlands to Harwich in the UK. After a long wait we finally made it back to The Netherlands and are now on our way to Norway. Three days and two nights of non-stop sailing together with my sister Jolanda and our professional skipper Johan.

Bobbing on the North Sea with an average speed of 7 knots per hour. An unpleasant grey drizzle dances on the boat. Luckily, we are tucked inside our fabulous living/office area.

Peter enjoys some peaceful reading on the sofa. I wonder how long he will last before the gentle sway of the Ocean Deva will rock him to sleep…

I sit behind the navigation table. The table where all

the action takes place. We have radar, AIS, Navtex, chart plotters and all sorts of instruments to tell us the wind speed, wind direction, speed through the water, speed over ground, water depth and so on and so on. Quite intimidating at the start, but surely but slowly we are getting to grips with all these navigational aids.

Obviously, all these systems run on electricity, hence paper charts are obligatory by maritime law.

To ensure that we sort of know where we are, we enter a number of details into our log book every hour or every change of course: position (coordinates), direction (heading), wind direction and speed as well as boat speed (speed over ground). Once we put the coordinates on the paper chart we sort of know where we are and shouldn’t need to get into panic mode if the electricity runs out or simply stops.

The sea and the breeze have been very gentle with us beginners. During the first night the winds were too little and we had to turn on the engine to keep us going towards the little town of Mandal in Norway. The second and third day we were blessed with a smooth breeze and we were flying through the water.

Once in Norwegian waters Peter hoisted the small Norwegian courtesy flag. A maritime tradition to say

thank you to our welcoming hosts.

A number of dolphins came to welcome us as well. Swimming from the back of the boat aft) then under the boat to come back up again at the front of the boat the bow). After 15 minutes they broke up the fun as we couldn’t keep up with them. After all what is 6/7 knots per hour!

Finally, land!! We were all delighted, tired, hungry and ready to stretch our legs and enjoy a long hot shower. As the marina was full, we moored up alongside a massive 42-foot Lagoon catamaran.

Engines off and a new adventure awaits us in Mandal.

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