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No Longer Atlantic Virgins, Part 4: Let the Party Begin

With the arrival of almost all of the boats in Grenada, it was finally time to relax and party a little. Now that we had arrived there was little to do and no real desire to start planning immediately for another adventure.

Though I say little to do, there is rarely a dull moment and there is always something that needs to be made, repaired, fitted or replaced. But the urgency was gone as we have not constrained ourselves with schedules to be anywhere at any time.

We enjoyed a day at the beach with the other Vikings, some rum punches, sailing and relaxing. It was also an opportunity to catch up and share ideas, experiences and to dance a little on the sand.

The VE party was scheduled for the 6th February when all boats were expected to have arrived – we were only 3 boats short.

Our evening of speeches and prize giving for the different teams gave way to rum punches, dancing and having fun. Of course, by 9.00pm we were mostly tired and ready for our beds.

Other than ordering spare parts and slowly cleaning up the boat after our last guests had departed, we also made a little time to discover and explore Port Luis and the island of Grenada. There is not so much sophistication here, but the island is beautiful, friendly and filled with exotic fauna and flora.

We started our exploration with a visit to a waterfall (there is a lot of water here), a nutmeg production facility and a chocolate production facility.

We are discovering what we can buy here in Grenada and find almost everything at some price or other. Coffee, wine and olive oil are expensive, but we stocked up on these items so we have no problems there.

Surprisingly McVitties Digestives can be found at a normal price and for cooking we need to adapt to the fruit and vegetables that are available.

Our spare parts and alternator fan belts arrived from The Netherlands after 5 days with DHL - we were impressed and appreciate the service provided ( ) After a day of work, they were fitted and the engine and power generation seem to be working as normal. Now we are able to depart from Port Luis, Grenada and all we need to do is select an island with a sandy bay that is not too far away. What choices we have in front of us !

Other than sharing our stories and photos, our main activity is to create the sun and rain cover for the boat - and this is mainly Ingrid's hard work and sewing skills. Once we have this in place we can keep the hatches open and have good air circulation, without getting rain inside the boat. Much more on this subject on a future blog.

Best of all there are no mosquitoes yet……..

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