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Last Days in Medemblik

We are at the point of leaving our old home town of Medemblik. The final "problems" with the sailboat are now fixed and hopefully they will cause us no additional problems in the future. The battery charging problems are solved. It is amazing how a lose connection can cause so much trouble and takes so long to find and the leaks are sealed. There is nothing left for us to do now except to move on with our adventure. In this time we have learnt much more about our boat and how it works, I even did my first ever oil change on a generator.

We visited our most favourite restaurant in the world, "The Artiste". This is where we had our wedding evening dinner here on 12-12-12 and many many excellent meals with friends. Henny the owner and and his team always gave the very best of food with a smile and friendly service - we will miss you - though we still have an opening for a cook on the boat, should you change your mind, the pay will be bad, but the company and adventure will be priceless.

Medemblik is such a beautiful town with so many memories for us, including our "Very Dutch" house on the side of a canal (and its restoration), our wedding on 12-12-12 at 12 minutes past 12, learning to sail and meeting many lovely Dutch people, who tell you like it is. We leave with a mixture of the sadness of saying goodbye to so many good memories that Medemblik holds for us and the excitement of the adventure to come. We are now ready to go.

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Safe journey.

What’s your next destination?

Gefällt mir

enjoy your adventure xxx

Gefällt mir
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