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New Year’s Eve in France, the land of my favourite drink: Champagne!

After being shaken but not stirred in Zagreb, we continued our journey to La Celle les Bordes. A fairy tale like village just south of Paris. Peter lived here for many years and a number of old neighbours have turned into good friends.

Some of them we hadn’t seen for 7,5 years whilst Agnes & Jose-Luis visited us last year in Ronda. Still, it felt as if we had shared the dining table with them only last week.

This 2,5-day visit was well planned with no plans at all. Somehow, however, we flowed from lunch to dinner, we had fireworks in the garden to welcome the New Year and before we knew it, it was well deep into the night and the next day we continued with brunch at the next house. A brisk walk in the forest to welcome the new year was not welcomed by all eight participants as three of us (Peter and I included) didn’t have proper hiking shoes. But alas, we followed the leaders and embraced the inevitable. Luckily for me two perfect gentlemen were in the group and I ocasionally hopped on either Peter’s or Philip’s back to avoid the worst of the mud…

The sun was out there to give us the impression that life was good, but oh boy, was it cold. Frosty toes and fingers needed to be warmed up and we made the next pitstop at another house for hot coco. Once the sun had set, we said our goodbyes with hugs and kisses and lots of promises to see us in Brest before setting off (no date defined yet!!).

Back at the house of Agnes & JL we continued eating and drinking and before we knew it the train was waiting to bring us back to Brest and our Ocean Deva.

Ever since I met Peter and this beautiful bunch of people in La Celle les Bordes, I have learnt that you share your best food with your friends and a bottle of fine Champagne (or two or more…) is always chilled in the fridge ready for action.

Happy New Year!

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