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Forward and Friendly Australian Girls

On arriving back in the UK recently, I found that it was an interesting change from being by the European mainland. All of the boats here in Cowes are under a UK flag and so there is not the same opportunity to see a French, Dutch, Swedish, US, German, Swiss or other flagged boat nearby and knock on their door and ask “Where are you going” or “Where have you been”. Knowing fully that they have either come from where you want to go or are going the same way as you and have the same interest in ports, bars, restaurants, tides and tidal currents.

Due to restricted movement I have not seen a non UK flagged boat here in the UK . As I am also a UK flagged boat, there is not any interest in me either – I am now just one of the crowd rather than L’Anglais who has left the UK.

That is until today when I a young Australian girl on a slightly aged Hallberg Rassy kept making eyes at me. When I went to talk to her, it was actually clear that her interest was not in me, but my beautiful boat (I was not really surprised and I did know the truth from the start). Australians, being naturally less reserved than the English asked about my boat – I can not resist such interest, so I invited Karen on board – who quickly asked if her friend Sarah could join her, in addition to the other 4 members of the Hallberg Rassy team.

With a full entourage of six, I had my first UK visit of interested people. Interested in me, what I was doing, where I came from and where I was going – all on my own ? how brave ! How lovely the Ocean Deva was – and if we needed any crew, they were interested to join us - with phone number and email address left behind.

With my confidence restored in the British population and thank God for curious people my first brief but happy visit was accomplished.

Take care ladies, you never know what is around the corner waiting for you – there are great adventures out there and beautiful boats to take you away from life in the UK.

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